• Do you want your employees to go out there knock on doors
    and make
    it happen?

  • Are the follow-ups systematically done and well done?

  • Are your employees inhabited by the growing desire to gain more by making better sales!?

The benefits of risk taking or how to get out of your comfort zone


                                                                           Available in 60 to 90 minute conferences or
                                                                                                         trainings of 1/2 or full day. 

This presentation is an invitation to take action with confidence in achieving future results in spite of fear and discomfort. The benefits of risk taking or how to get out of your comfort zone is achieved when someone accepts to undertake behavioral changes coupled with a strong desire to succeed. 

"The hardest sale is the selling that you'll be doing to yourself !
  Once this is done... nothing will stop you! '' 




  • Understanding and accepting the natural stages of changes.
  • The growth of the comfort zone ! Why and how ?
  • Discover the origin of inaction.
  • Strategies to act in spite of fear or discomfort?
  • The benefits of daring...
  • Changes or undergoing changes, resulting choices ... Working on anticipated changes.
  • How to gain confidence in front of the unknown?
  • How to take risks that benefit ?
  • How to search opportunities ! Not security ...
  • The application of the internal principles of success.
  • How to help complainers !
  • Strengthening the solutions rather than the problems.
  • Introduction to The Tittle Voice Management Program.
  • Equip participants with self-motivation techniques and with ways to benefit from positive aspect of their personality.
  • With "The benefits of risk taking or how to get out of your comfort zone", you will learn how to surpass yourself and break the boundaries that yesterday were holding you back. 



  • Foster a more positive perception of change.
  • Mobilize your team and the hunger for success.
  • Provide tools on how to deal effectively with change while taking
    action in spite of fear or discomfort.



CAD Communication offers interactive presentations. By engaging the audience with questions, short exchanges or exercises, the use of personal stories and practical examples, video clips and quotes. Our trainings contribute to strengthen team spirit within organizations. At the beginning of the 21st century competitiveness is unprecedented. Human behavior and people skills in businesses are key factors that require special attention. The training offered by CAD Communication is an effective way to improve the skills of individuals involved in your success.




Open to all ... Executive management, managers, small business owners or anyone who is looking to improve their personal and professional skills. You want to stimulate the realization and the desire to move forward while evolving in a constant challenging environment ? This inspiring presentation will surely equip all participants!

Make sure your team
is action oriented !

Create effective

In a competitive world those who get
out of their comfort zone and act in spite
of fears, uneasiness or discomfort often win
and get the best results !

Learn more, manage
and develop 
your flexibility!


we know
how to
adapt to

Our trainings are
created and based 

on your achievement
and goals!



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