''Beside your expertise, the quality of your products and services,
ultimately it is the quality and authenticity of the relationship with 
your customers that will allow you to stand out and create a lasting
business business 
relationship for life!"


Never forget that trust and the purchase of
your products or services are influenced by emotions !


Available in 60 to 120 minutes conferences or training sessions of
1/2 or a full day.
Why some organizations are offering to their customers poor deficient customer service?
The answer is simple: many companies have chosen to invest on efficiency leaving aside the essential part of what makes them what they are... their customers !!

Speed, performance, efficiency: yes of course, but dont forget the human aspect of what we are there for !!
  • What kind of service would you like?
  • What type of follow-up would you like to receive?
  • How would you like your problems, worries or insatisfactions to be treated?
  • What about the word-to-mouth factor ? Let it work big time for you!!
  • How to build a lasting relationship with your customers?
  • How to ensure effective monitoring?
  • How to make sure that your organisations gets effective ''repeat business''
    from the majority of your customers.


  • How to cultivate the culture of empathy towards all your customers.Why and how.
  • How to develop authentic business relationships with all your customers. Why and How. 
  • How to achiveve great sinergy with your customers through complicity and cooperation.
    How to achieve great sinergy with your customers through complicity and cooperation.
  • How to align your corporate attitude towards this goal.


  • How to promote better understanding and acceptance of the different personalities and psychology of your customers.
  • How to understand and integrate new influential communication techniques that can help your organization have effective connections and relations with your clients.



  • The importance and the benefits of an authentic empathy point of view.
  • What are your customer's expectations? And how to respond to them.
  • How to use influential communication with them.
  • How to deal with dissatisfaction and how to turn such a situation to your advantage.
  • How to nourish your customers feeling's of importance ! 
  • What are the behaviors that will retain your customers in a long term relationship?
  • How to learn self motivation and how to motivate others?
  • How to ''seduce'' your customers and make them come back to you.


  • The human side of business relationships culture. Strategies to become an influential communicator.
  • The power of the first and last impression ! How to use it to your avantage!
  • Expand your CAD : Contact - Authentic - Durable. To help you create repeat business! 
  • Understand customer's psychology.
  • Offer solutions not just a product or a service to your customers! How to do that. 
  • How to ask the right questions to customers?
  • How to turn a unsatisfied customer into a customer for life, or what to do with difficult clients and know how to help the complainers.
  • For employees working on the phone: how to perfect this art and become ambassador of your organization ! 
  • Mailboxes and answering messages; be effective and appreciated.
  • Learn ways on how to keep your customers intrigue.
  • The reasons of poor customer service and how to end these behaviors.


Interaction, case analysis, audiovisual triggered animations. Our goal: to equip all participants, inviting them to apply a healthy and efficient self management in a professional environment. Our interactive presentations encourage the involvement of each participants in the learning process. Questions, short exercises, practical demonstrations, games, personal stories, examples and video clips. 
A presentation that inspires the desire to excel with confidence!


Senior management, directors, managers and employees. Anyone who seeks to improve his 
leadership and work group management skills. 


Become your business


Update all the essential
principles for an excellent 

Customers buy more than
just products and services. They buy
a true business relationship!
What the customers buy, is also... 


We were looking for a qualified communicator 
who could meet our challenge. A trainer who 
would bring a touch of interactivity with a 
solid content. 

We had 3 hours of exciting and interactive
presentation with Mr. Daigle.This was the goal 
of our organization. A person who brings rich 
content while engaging our guests in a dynamic
 learning process. Someone who could deliver 
while creating a friendly and relaxed learning 

Lieutenant-Colonel François Lagacé 
Commander of the Operations Unit 
real estate (Quebec)


Our trainings are
created and based 

on your achievement
and goals!



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If not you'll find an excuse!!
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