Do mondays cause nausea?

Does a prison discourse related to work sounds familiar to you?

I'm looking forwaRd for monday !'' 
Available in 60 to 120 minute conferences or training sessions of
1/2 of a full day.



To be happy requires extra efforts while unhappiness is attain effortlessly.
Enjoying work can 
sometimes require an extra effort that ultimately will weigh
in ones feeling of accomplishment !

  • Are your employees truly committed to the success of your organization?
  • Does team synergy exist among your people?
  • Is the desire to excels a real motivation among your troups?
  • Do you apply the 10 - 90 rule? 10% on the problem, 90% of the solution ?
  • Do your employees have a strategy to identify and help complainers that undermine the atmosphere at work?
  • Is a strong leadership and a winning attitude part of your organization's culture?
  • Are the team members persistent?
  • Are creativity, initiative and innovation celebrated and promoted in your organization?
  • Are initiatives and innovations celebrated and promoted in your organization?
  • Are your team members passionate and action oriented?
  • Are your employees fully committed and inhabited with the desire to make a difference? 
  • What are the habits of your winning teams? Let's review them ? 
  • How to improve performance and build desire efficiency and excellence ?
  • How to prevent burnout.
  • Why humor does not lower intellectual rigor.
  • The power of intention is real.
  • Use the force balance.
  • How not be blinded by the psychology and beliefs of others.
  • The external success of an organization is determined by its internal successes.
  • How to remove and prevent negative sub-culture of the company in an organization.
  • Discover the impact of the circle of influence.
  • How to help the complainers.
  • How to cultivate team spirit.
  • How to practice the strength of a united group!

Establish a corporate culture that associates pleasure and performance. Encourage individuals involved in your success by cultivating the desire of achievement in the course of their work. Create strong individuals, sure of their identity and their skills. Create links by encouraging interaction between participants. Stimulate the commitment and the contribution of individuals who work together for the success of your organization. Mobilize your teams by promoting a positive perception of change.

Interaction, case analysis, animation, and various exercises. Engage participants with 
questions and short exercises, personal stories, examples and video clips. This training session impregnates the participant with positive concepts and new indelible 
strategies, techniques and energy!


Open to all ... Anyone who seeks to improve their leadership and sharpen their personal and professional skills. 




Today, for many, work equals 

However, performance is created 
by pleasure !! Displeasure at work 
equals pessimism, depression,
burnout ...


we know
how to
adapt to

Our trainings are
created and based 

on your achievement
and goals!



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If you believe you'll be successful... You will !
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