How many times have you stop yourself wanting to speak out !? 
How many times have you stood out expressing yourself in front of an audience using words or sentences that were a pale reflection of your
initial thoughts?




A challenge that anyone can overcome !! 

Available in 60 to 120 minute conferences or training sessions of 
1/2 or a full day or personal coaching sessions.

Are you familiar with the principle that every action creates a reaction?
Similarly, each of your communications even the smallests communication that may seems insignificant to you, is the result of a perception !
A simple conversation in person or on the telephone, an e-mail, your voice, your body language, the messages sent by your physical appearance, etc. Individuals receiving your messages draw conclusions about you or what you would like to communicate.
Did you know that those who are paralyzed by stage fright are more concerned about themselves than the important message they want to deliver ?
Be effective and exciting to listen to ! IT IS POSSIBLE !! 
Learn to speak with confidence is an asset that will serve you in all circumstances for the rest of your life !! DONT FORGET THAT YOU ARE YOUR BEST INVESTMENT ! 

The ability to speak well in public is the most important skill that 
a leader in politics or in business should have !!

  • What to do before a presentation to make sure you perform in front
    of your audience.
  • How to cure stage fright or get out of your comfort zone.
  • The art of acquiring the confidence necessary for a successful presentation.
  • The technical aspect of a presentation, what and how to do it ?
  • The different steps for a remarkable presentation.
  • How to gain sympathy from the beginning? The first impression !! 
  • How to keep the interest of your public.
  • Do you know to whom you speak to ? Knowing your public makes a difference ! 
  • Do you know how to use non verbal communications? Use it to your advantage! 
  • Your voice, pay attention to it ! It counts and it makes the difference !
  • The construction of your speech, follow simple steeps, practical tips.
  • Using PowerPoint (slide show), video, music, how to be efficient and make these tools work FOR you !! 
  • Secrets of an effective conclusion.
  • The last impression is the one that last ...
  • This activity will equip you with all there is to know on the art of public speaking!
    How to use these tools to make your presentations captivating.
  • What to do in order for your confidence to remain high before, during and after your presentation.
  • How to use stage fright to YOUR advantage.
  • What are the secrets of some great renowned communicators and how to
    implement their know-how in your practice.
  • How to ensure the complicity of the public attending to your presentations.
  • Make sure your messages are well understood ! How to know that !? .
  • How to structure your speeches or presentations for maximum efficiency.
  • What to do to expand your network and to make sure you stay in touch with
    those who attended your presentation. 
  • How to generate interest and past on your messages without pressure and with style? 
  • How to gain credibility ?
  • How to communicate better and in a natural way as a leader should. 


This training will help you increase your leadership and social skills to communicate efficiently in front of an audience, small or large groups and/or in front of the cameras. This training will equip all participants to prepare and to structure future speaking engagements. It will enable them to deliver high-impact presentations.


Interaction, case analysis, animation, and various exercises. By engaging the public with 
questions and short exercises, personal stories, examples and video clips. 
We are takling about a meeting which will impregnate all the participants with positive concepts
and a new indelible Ideas, strategies, techniques and energy !


Open to all ... Anyone who seeks to grow their leadership and improve their
personal and professional skills.



« The future belongs to charismatic
who are technically competent »




Individuals receiving your messages draw conclusions about you and about what you are communicating.
In all circumstances: meetings, presentations, dinners, work or social activites, verbal communication defines people. Good communicators are often successfulin life.




Versatile, we know how to
adapt to your reality!

Our courses are
customized and
based on the achievement
of your goals



We were looking for a qualified communicator 
who could meet our challenge. A trainer who 
would bring a touch of interactivity with a 
solid content. 

We had 3 hours of exciting and interactive
presentation with Mr. Daigle.This was the goal 
of our organization. A person who brings rich 
content while engaging our guests in a dynamic
 learning process. Someone who could deliver 
while creating a friendly and relaxed learning 

Lieutenant-Colonel François Lagacé 
Commander of the Operations Unit 
real estate (Quebec)


Our trainings are
created and based 

on your achievement
and goals!



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If it is important you will find a way...
If not you'll find an excuse!!
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